Böker Tirpitz-Damast pocket knife incl. metal scale model of the Tirpitz

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Böker Tirpitz Damascus pocket knife 110190DAM.

The delivery takes place in a high-quality transparent frame case with a certificate and serial number. Exclusively with us, you will also receive a ready-made metal model of the Tirpitz battle ship in 1/700 scale completely free of charge.

Total length: 22.9 cm
Blade length: 9.9 cm
Weight: 167 g
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm
Blade material: damask
Handle material: aluminum
Closure: liner lock

A piece of history comes to life: the Tirpitz, sister ship of the legendary Bismarck, was the largest battleship ever to be launched for the German Navy. After commissioning in February 1941, the Tirpitz quickly became a horror for the Allied naval units in the North Atlantic during the Second World War. The numerous attempts to incapacitate this gun-staring colossus are legendary. After the Tirpitz was badly damaged by heavy air raids by the Royal Air Force in September 1944, it was decided to use the ship as a stationary battery near Tromsö off the Norwegian coast. Again, heavy attacks were carried out on the Tirpitz repeatedly, and on November 12, 1944, the Royal Air Force succeeded in capsizing the Tirpitz in the shallow water by using special "Tallboy bombs".

Immediately after the end of the war, a Norwegian specialist company began to cannibalize the ship to make the high-alloy steel available for civil use. Science was very interested in Tirpitz steel, which was used in research and development for measurement technology and even space travel. Norwegian divers recovered parts of the Tirpitz's special armor for Boker from the fjord. From these pieces of living history, the Böker damask smith exclusively forges an extraordinary damask with a fascinating history. The large pyramid pattern in 300 layers marks the mighty blade made of hand-forged damask steel and makes the knife a highlight of any knife collection. The combination of Tirpitz steel with carbon tool steels also results in extremely durable Damascus steel, which, with a Rockwell hardness of 61 to 63 HRC, is up to any task in everyday use. It is locked using a 1.5 millimeter thick liner lock.

The handle made of high-strength aluminum AlMgSi1 (significantly higher quality than the usual AlMg3 due to the silicon content) is hardcoat-anodized and allows the knife to lie securely and comfortably in the hand. The convertible clip (tip-up / tip-down) allows it to be carried in the desired position. We have chosen local walnut wood as the material for the handle insert, which, due to its outstanding properties, has a long tradition as the use of stock wood in long guns. Including original Tirpitz coat of arms. This knife uniquely combines history, tradition and modern technology, completely handcrafted in the Boker manufactory in Solingen.

Böker Manufaktur Solingen - the premium brand. Very high quality knives from the Boker manufacture in Solingen for knife lovers who appreciate something special. From the classic pocket knife to the world-famous Boker switchblade to the noble collector's knife with Damascus blade - everything is made by hand in Solingen.

More Information
Manufacturer Böker Manufaktur
Series Böker Manufaktur Solingen
Item 110190DAM
EAN code (or UPC) 4045011045622
Produced in: Germany
Productgroup Knives
Knife type pocketknife
Weight (grams) 167
total length 22.90 cm
Blade length 9.90 cm
Blade material Damascus steel
Handle material Aluminium
Warranty lifetime
Color brown